Venedig 2021 1.6 engl
Immediately after the Carneval Venice is said to be almost empty. So we'll try our luck with the second edition of our Venice masterclass from 17 to 21 February 2021 (with a new closing date of application: 1 December 2020)
I would be very happy to see - and hear - you there again!



Venedig 2020 1.4 engl klein
This summer I will teach three workshops - and I am really looking forward!
In Feldkirch I will be for the first time, and I will happily return to Venice and Lübeck.
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Feldkirch (2-8 August 2020)
Venice (26-29 August 2020) and
Lübeck (21-24 September 2020)
Who will join us?




SCholadame klein
... ein neuer Anfang ... a new start ... My first teaching day was really inspiring, all the people I met so welcoming!! I hope it's going to stay like this. I want to thank you, my family, Sabine, Evelyn and Tony, all my teachers and collegues and students who have brought me here. If this were a book, I would dedicate it to you! Thank you for your support! Schola, hurray!



Venedig1.5 engl
Venice is a dream! I love this city and need to visit it at least once a year. My next visit shall be in April - and it will include wonderful musical and culinary discoveries. Who comes along?


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For musicians, dancers and actors my personal recommendation: the workshop "Presence on stage" with genious


Katiouschka Kuhn, Co-founder of the "Centre Européen de Théâtre Physique" in Strasbourg.


I've learned so much with this acting method and will participate as well. Who comes along?


10-12 september 2018


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My two wonderful teachers Evelyn Tubb and Anthony Rooley (Basel) will be giving a workshop for my own students and everyone interested from the University Mozarteum: on 20 and 21 January 2018. I am so happy that we could make this course work, because I have learned so incredibly much with them - about music and about human(itie)s ...
Welcome everyone! In the morning there'll be a lecture from 10 to 11 each day, after that individual teaching.
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As of the end of september, I regularly teach workshops at the Conservatoire and the Académie Supérieure de Musique at Strasbourg. Together with young singers I explore the wide field that is "Early Music". The first encounters have been enormously enriching, exciting, moving and also funny! Now I finally have an "official" excuse for regular visits to the Confiserie Christian, which happens to be just around the corner from the Conservatoire!





RASTEAU 2017 Bild© Randall Cook
This summer I'm drawn to the south: I'll be teaching in Rasteau in Southern France - together with my wonderful collegues Markus Hünninger and Paolo Pandolofo. We start the course with a teachers' concert on August 5th.
I am looking forward to meeting a lot of know and unknown faces, who'll accompagny me to this paradisiac, calm place in the middle of vineyards and wonderful music. Inspiration almost "automatically included".